Affordable support for good vision

Everybody in Namibia deserves access to a good and reliable healthcare and the related helping aids needed for this. The Namibian Optometric Association (NOA) always tries to find ways in helping with visualsupport. The main target groups are the elderly, people in rural areas, children and the ones without Medical Aid who cannot afford to buy spectacles. Within the past few years various events have been organized by the NOA and involved optometrists to help these fellow citizens in need. Time and frames were contributed from optometrists as well as lenses and mechanical work from the laboratories.

Now we got a generous offer from Anja Neuhaus (“Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Wesel” and it’s “Partnership-committee Namibia”) from the German town of Wesel and Frank Clausen (private initiative) from Greater Hamburg area. For quite a while both are doing voluntary support in Namibia, partially privately funded! The calls to members of their local church-community respectively friends to donate not needed spectacles culminated in a huge success! Windhoek Optics received boxes of donated frames and offered sorting, cleaning and restoring them free of charge. As a top-up Windhoek Optics tripled the amount of donated frames by contributing un-used stock frames.

The ongoing support done on Thursdays at the Windhoek Central Hospital and the upcoming “World sight day” in October will receive additional frame-stock – and everybody involved will benefit from this donation.

Thanks so much to Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Wesel, Anja Neuhaus, Frank Clausen and Windhoek Optics!