Our Beliefs

The members of the NOA consider the following as being important:


Right to sight

We believe that everyone has a right to seeing clearly. We advise our members to conduct thorough eye examinations and believe in giving sight in a fashionable and cosmetically acceptable manner. We believe that spectacles should enhance your features and promote the use of various optical correction methods and therapies.

Preventing blindness

There are many reasons for blindness, but many can be avoided and prevented by means of cost effective treatments. We believe that by educating and informing patients we can ensure optimal eye care. We promote regular eye examinations for early detection of disease.

High standards of Optical Care

The Association advocates a high standard of excellence in eye care that gives our members the opportunity to provide optical care of high quality to their patients.

Continuous training and Expertise

The NOA is committed to a continuous education program to keep our members informed of new developments and techniques as well as of the latest products and equipment that is available to give state-of–the–art optical eye care. Members are encouraged to attend congresses and workshops on a regular basis.


We offer a bursary for students that are Namibian Citizens and who successfully completed their first year of optometric studies.

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